Hi Guys,

I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy.

Due to the current lockdown situation here in the UK I just wanted to update you on what that means for Tia Mendez Boutique.

As I’m sure you are aware, I run this lingerie boutique by myself. Everything from running the website, processing orders, packing the orders and shipping them to you. It’s all me and only me!

Due to the coronavirus lockdown here I will be unable to go to my office and send out orders to you guys.

However, feel free to carry on browsing and ordering but please note I will be unable to ship your orders out to you until the lockdown has lifted.

As soon as there is some sort of normality back in the country and it is safe to do so, I will be sending out orders again.

I apologise for the delay. You will receive an email to say your order has been shipped to confirm.

Stay safe,

All my love,

Tia xx


Every piece of lingerie is beautifully hand wrapped by Tia herself in tissue paper and sealed in a stunning gift box. Perfect to treat that someone special or of course yourself.

Tia Mendez

Tia Mendez is proud to share her love and passion of lingerie with the world. 

After alternative modelling for over 4 years she decided to start creating her own stunning lingerie pieces for like minded women in hopes for them to feel empowered, different and confident.